For The New Shoegazers


If you’re reading this, you probably stumbled onto this website with a curious interest in Shoegaze music and relating sub-genres. Feel free to check out the archive of over 100 episodes for your listening pleasure. I hope you have as much fun listening as I had making it.


Victor Zohni

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A Final Goodbye…

Dear follows and supporters of In The Zone CHRY,

Due to changes in management, In The Zone CHRY has been cancelled, and will no longer broadcast on the FM dial. As the producer and host of the show, it’s been a pleasure bringing you every week the best Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Neo-Psychedelic, Chillwave and all sorts of crazy music. I’m sorry it had to end like this, but don’t forget the integrity and spirit of the show. Support local great music around you, give the community a voice, and provide an alternative to mainstream media.

All the past episodes of In The Zone CHRY will be available to stream and download. If you’re new to this site, check out the music! There is so much great stuff out there, so I hope through this show you can go back and discover all those cool tunes.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the show on this journey. For the last time, I’m Zoning out.


Victor Zohni

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Episode 2.45 (Theme: More Canadian Music Week Artists)

We’re playing even more artists that are featured in Canadian music week. In the main segment the artists are more of the popular/headliners. All that and more on In The Zone!


Time Song Artist Album
2:03 LOVE RAT Bretrayers
3:09 Because Of You Zen Mystery Fogg Because Of You
4:42 No Ringer Grounders
2:19 Headache Metz Metz
3:02 Something I Can’t Have The Jesus and Mary Chain Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll
8:52 Wasted Days Cloud Nothings Attack on Memory
3:24 Close Distance Bovine Eyes Permanent Damage
5:00 Murasaki Cheatahs
3:43 The Concept Of Love (Clean Edit) Hideki Naganuma Jet Set Radio Future: The Complete Soundtrack
5:22 04 Hang On 유카리(Yukari) Echo
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Episode 2.44 (Theme: Canadian Music Week bands)

We’re showcasing some of the bands that are playing at the upcoming Canadian music week.All that and more on In The Zone!


Time Song Artist Album
3:15 Tasting Slight Spirit School / Tasting
5:10 Marie Choses Sauvages Late Night – EP
4:27 Summer Sun Slow Down Molasses Summer Sun 7″
4:22 Indiana Rock The City Gates Collapse
5:11 Like The Sun PROGRAMM Like The Sun EP
4:05 Onwards Fading Future Gargaj
3:09 Leave the Party Happyness Weird Little Birthday
2:06 Break My Body The Pixies Surfer Rosa
4:15 Black Napkins Frank Zappa Zoot Allures
2:42 Leave the Past Behind Anamanaguchi Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (Original Videogame Soundtrack)
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Episode 2.43 (Album Review: CHON – Grow)

We’re reviewing Math Rockers CHON with their LP Grow. How does it compare to the technical mastery that came before? Find out and more on In The Zone!


Time Song Artist Album
2:46 Never Come Down Elsa Never Come Down
2:57 Stay in the Summer Weed Running Back
3:43 The Trap Bovine Eyes Permanent Damage
3:51 Story CHON Grow
2:30 Splash CHON Grow
2:54 Echo CHON Grow
3:38 Perfect Pillow CHON Grow
3:18 Buffalo Toro y Moi What For?
5:05 Montreal Rock Band Somewhere Happyness Happyness
3:22 Clouds Velour 100 Of Color Bright
5:06 Twin Peaks Theme Angelo Badalamenti Music from Twin Peaks
3:00 Alt Street Weekly futurekids say goodnight to the machines
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Episode 2.42 (Classic Artist: The B-52s)

In this show we pay homage to legendary New Wave group The B-52’s. We discuss why the band was so great and it’s influence on alternative and indie style music.


Time Song Artist Album
4:42 Spirit School Slight Spirit School / Tasting
3:18 Eight Miles High * did you die Wonderland
3:40 Kindest Hearts Feel The Most Pain Fantasyprom Summering!
3:38 Private Idaho The B-52’s Wild Planet
2:53 6060-842 The B-52’s The B-52’s
4:09 Follow Your Bliss The B-52’s Cosmic Thing
4:37 Dance This Mess Around The B-52’s The B-52’s
5:54 Birthday Dead Mellotron Birthday
2:10 Hey, Hey Girl Rocketship Hey Hey Girl
5:04 Static-Cellular Automata treephones Mute Swan/ Trumpeter Swan
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Episode 2.41 (SIGH Interview 2015)

We’re interviewing music industry legend Aidan Waite with his musical project SIGH. Find out what Aidan has been up to and hear his next level advice. It’s good vibes on In The Zone.


Time Song Artist Album
4:07 Everything New No Joy
3:53  L’invention du divertissem Violence L’invention du divertissement
4:31 Lay-by tennyson With You
6:49 SIGH 2015 Interview FINAL
4:24 Transitional Bird (Clever Girl) Candy Claws Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
3:00 summer night ESPRIT 空想 summer night
4:17 Bring You Back Beacon The Ways We Separate
5:26 Montana Tycho Awake
3:34 Say My Name (Amnoko) ODESZA x Zyra
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Episode 2.40 (Classic Album: Swervedriver – Mezcal Head)

Swervedriver’s second LP Mezcal Head is an excellent shoegaze classic. We highlight why it’s a must listen, plus more on In The Zone!


Time Song Artist Album
4:35 See the Sun (demo) Soft Wounds Demo
4:11 Come To Admire Gold And Youth Beyond Wilderness
3:34 With You tennyson With You
5:27 Harry & Maggie Swervedriver Mezcal Head
3:58 Blowin’ Cool Swervedriver Mezcal Head
4:03 Never Lose That Feeling Swervedriver Mezcal Head
3:36 Midnight Bike Ride Viva Mars But Of Course Yes Definitely Right
3:45 Jamboree Thundercat The Golden Age Of Apocalypse
3:07 Big Sur The Thrills So Much For The City
7:49 Let It Happen Tame Impala Let It Happen (single)
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Episode 2.39 (Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival Compilation)

We’re highlighting the fantastic compilation called Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival. Jammed packed with a ton of talent artists. This is a must listen if you’re a fan of In The Zone!


Time Song Artist Album
4:20 In These Times Lobby. Lobby
4:50 Apocalypse Moon King Secret Life
3:57 Leo Nimbes Les Oiseaux, La Distance
4:10 Maydear Sharesprings Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival
5:08 Pets Hideous Towns Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival
4:26 Morning Star Ether Feels Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival
3:30 Zen A Surf Rock Is Dead Zen A
3:14 lonely halls the airfields laneways, an ep
3:11 My Terrible Friend The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Belong
4:03 Life Goes On The Damned Strawberries [Deluxe Edition]
3:22 From Out of Nowhere Faith No More The Real Thing
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Episode 2.38 (Theme: Nu-gaze)

We’re taking a brief look a Nu-gaze. What is it? is it even a genre? Find out on In The Zone!


Time Song Artist Album
3:39 girl älskling. girl (single)
3:33 Come to Us Now (Blanket Ghosts EP) Creaks Daydream Single
3:54 Red River Reuben and the Dark Broadsheet Music: A Year In Review
3:49 Always: Your Way My Vitriol Finelines
4:13 Plantlife Autolux Future Perfect
4:02 Well Thought Out Twinkles Silversun Pickups Carnavas
4:10 Infinite Decay Weird. Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival
4:23 Just For A Minute San Cisco Gracetown
4:26 Star Tropics Ocean City Defender The Young Person’s Guide to Modern Fashion & Etiquette
4:49 Roscoe Midlake The Trials Of Van Occupanther
3:36 It’s Not Over Yet Klaxons Myths Of The Near Future

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