DISCLAIMER: This information is outdated as of May 2015. The show is currently cancelled

In The Zone is an indie rock/alternative radio show, on Mondays at 2 – 3pm CHRY 105.FM Focusing on local (Canadian) and current music, mainly within the blisteringly loud and dreamily reverberated feedback sub-genre called shoegaze, and also featuring related sub-genres.

Shoegaze built a strong following from the late 80s to present day, only receiving a small taste of general attention in the early 90s. By playing this music and the new genres that are influenced by it, the show will give artists a gateway to a wider audience, and hopefully garner the attention of the hard-core fans.

In The Zone plans to have CHRY volunteers and also members of the community contribute quality radio content. The show promotes the idea of finding unknown music and filtering it, by calling it a label that can identify with the masses (i.e. “Zone Music”). The use of hard work, persistence and co-operation will allow the show to grow past radio, leading it into being the main entertainment source that is synonymous with shoegaze.

The show is created by York University student and aspiring musician Victor Zohni (pronounced Zone-e) , who is the primary producer and host of the show.

In The Zone email: inthezonechry@gmail.com

This blog will contain all updates relating to the show, including full shows, interviews, reviews and more!

For more information on CHRY Radio, click here

Check out the CHRY Music Department blog here

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