Submit Your Music

*Disclaimer: this is outdated as of May 2015

Are you a musician/artist interested in getting airplay on In The Zone? Well as a group of music connoisseurs, In The Zone is always looking for upcoming local and global independent artists.

If you think your music are suitable for the hour, send us an email or mail the station a copy of your EP, LP, single in whichever format suits you best (mp3,CD,vynil,etc). Please include a bio page or summary of your work containing who you are and a track list of your album to inform us about your music (in case if we can’t find you online).

To email the show digital downloads or Mp3s send it to our email:

To send in physical formats, please address it to the following:

In The Zone

CHRY 105.5 FM

4700 Keele Street

Rm 413 Student Centre

Toronto, Ontario

M3J 1P3

*It is preferred that you send in both digital and physical formats for the purpose of cataloging the music at CHRY.

*Please note that music that has explicit lyrics involving swearing, homophobia, sexism, racism, or anything inappropriate of that matter will not be approved for airplay.

*Also please note that not all submissions will be granted air play as they not only have to meet the requirements but also have to be, in the simplest word, “good.” Music will not only be critiqued by the collective but as well as the Music Department Director at CHRY to be placed in CHRY’s playbox. This is where albums are placed and are available for airplay by choice of other programmers.

* Recommendation:  Give In The Zone (Mondays 2 – 3pm) a listen before submitting music to a get a “feel” of the music played. Here is a list of the genres we try to include:

Dream Pop
Ambient Rock/Electronic
Noise Rock
Video game/Movie Soundtracks (suitable to the other genres)

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